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Using Webmail

Webmail is an easy way to get your email from any computer in the world. You can log into a webpage and send and receive your email. Once you have your account, you can set it up to use it. You can also request information on a simpler webmail program called Squirrelmail if you want that instead. We recommend using Squirrelmail instead of Webmail as Squirrelmail loads faster for large mailboxes and is simple and straightforward to begin using. If you choose to use the featureful Webmail, helpful tips for configuring your mailbox follow.

Setting Up Your Mailbox in Webmail
To put your name in the From address so it shows up along with your email address when you email someone:

  1. Click on the 'Options' button on top
  2. Select 'Personal Information'
  3. Select 'Default Identity' and then fill in your information and save.
Deleting Messages
If you delete email and see that it just gets crossed out and still shows up in your inbox, do this:
  1. Click on the 'Options' button on top
  2. Select 'Deleting and Moving Messages'
  3. Check both boxes and the trash folder and save. Then go back and delete the messages again and they'll go into your trash.
Getting your Address Book to show up when you click on it when composing an email
  • If you click on the 'Options' button on top, there is a link for Address Books. Click that and then select 'My Addressbook' and click the hand to move it to the box on the right. Once you save, it will be available when you email. You can also select your private address book to add if you use it too.

  • Now when you go to compose an email, you can click on that Address Book icon and select who to add from it.

  • You can also make a 'list' within your address book. If you go into your address book and check off several addresses, then in the top right hand corner that allows you to add them to a New List. It will prompt you to give it a name and it will automatically store those selected addresses in that list by whatever name you call it. That list will also be available to you when you compose a message.



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