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POP3: A Mailbox Account (POP3)
A POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) server acts as your e-mail Post Office. You use an e-mail client, like Eudora or those built-in to Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Outlook, Outlook Express), to retrieve your mail to your local drive using the POP3 protocol. This removes the e-mail from the server into the e-mail client on your computer. E-mail is stored on the server until you pull it down.

You can also log into a Webmail program to view your e-mail if you have a POP3 account. If you have a webmail account set up through us and have lost your link for checking your Webmail you can go to either: or

Aliases: Forwarding E-mail Through to Another Address
An alias is an alternative name for something. In this case, it is an alternative name for an e-mail account. To enhance your organization or company's image, you can have different names such as,, or, all which conveniently may be aliased to one name, such as

Ways to Write: Plain-text E-mail
Plain Text means it does not contain any formatting (for example text style or layout) and is therefore readable by most text editing programs and word processors. Plain text files often have a .txt file extension. It's data made up of letters and numbers stored in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Exchange) format. Plain text is the internet standard for transferring e-mail.

Ways to Write: HTML E-mail
Many e-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora, etc. will send and receive in HTML formatted e-mails. This enables colors, formatting such as bold and italic, and images to be embedded in e-mails. A consideration when sending as HTML, many spam filters automatically give e-mail a higher spam score just for being in HTML since most spam is sent that way and viruses are often smuggled through in HTML e-mail. So if you ever have trouble getting an e-mail through to someone, you can try plain-text.



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