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What are domain names and how do they work?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies an Internet site, a website address, such as or

What does it mean to register a domain name?
Registering a domain name is like registering for a phone number. It becomes your unique locator, no one else can use it if you have it registered. Generally registration is for a year or more.

Domain registration differs from web hosting in that the name just directs people to where your site is physically located. Your hosting account is where your webpages are physically at, the domain name is like the phone number someone types in to pull up those pages.

What is domain renewal?
Once you register a domain name, it comes up for renewal each year, unless you registered it for longer. You just pay the renewal fee and you have rights to use that name for another year, or however long you renew it for.

What is domain transferring?
If you want to change the company you registered your domain name with, you can transfer the domain name to another company. To do this, you submit a transfer request through the new company and they contact the other company to release it. You will be sent an approval request so you can approve or deny the transfer. This goes to the administrative and technical contact for the domain name. If you approve it, the transfer is completed.

For .org domain names, there is an extra step to transferring a domain. You have to get what's called an 'Auth code' from the current registrar. The new company needs this auth code to complete the process. This is an extra safeguard to help protect your domain name. Some companies make the code available in your domain name account, others you just ask their help desk.

What is domain forwarding?
If you have a domain name and website under a .com, like, you might have also registered the .org version. Domain forwarding is when you have another domain name like automatically redirect web surfers to your main website. This means you can funnel people from multiple domain names back to your main site.

What are Nameservers?
Nameservers are a key piece in making domain names point to where your website is located at your hosting account. Your nameservers must correspond with what your web hoster has listed as their nameservers. This way when someone types in your domain name, the computers of the world know where to go to pull up your website.

I am pointing my domain to for hosting. What nameservers do I use?

If you are pointing your domain to us, you would want to use the following nameservers for your domain:





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